Meghan Huff

Meghan Huff  PA-C has joined Drossman Gastroenterology  and has already has become an integral part of the practice by enhancing its patient centered philosophy.  She participates in all clinic visits and coordinates medication prescriptions and pre-authorizations and communicates with patients through phone calls and messages to optimize their care in a timely fashion.

We asked Meghan  to share a little more about herself in the following Q&A:

1. Tell us a little about your background. What have you done before coming to work with Dr Drossman? 
 Meghan: I graduated from Seton Hall University Physician Assistant Program with my Master’s in Physician Assistant studies in May 2015. After graduating I worked for a private Pediatrician’s practice for 18 months in Danbury CT. My husband and I recently moved to Chapel Hill in July. Prior to PA school, I received my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Notre Dame and worked as a CNA to fulfill my clinical hour requirements.  
2. What inspired you to become a PA? And why gastroenterology? 
  Meghan:  I was inspired to become a PA while on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic. While serving such an underserved population, I learned how a PA could work with doctors to treat patients of all ages and in all specialties. I was drawn to being part of the healthcare team and liked the fact that a PA has a lot of flexibility to work in any field. I decided to work in gastroenterology because disorders of the GI tract affect a wide range of patients and require a trusting relationship between patients and providers to achieve treatment goals.
3. What is it like working with Dr. Drossman and his patients?  What are some of the rewards and some of the challenges? 

 Meghan: Working with Dr. Drossman and his patients is an incredible opportunity. Chronic issues of pain and irregular digestion impact every aspect of a patient’s life. Being able to improve the every day life of a person is hugely rewarding. It is also of course very challenging to  gain the trust of patients who have seen many doctors previously and either not been taken seriously or not gotten proper care.

Meghan Huff and Dr. Douglas Drossman

4. What is different about how he conducts his practice? 
 Meghan:  Dr. Drossman listens to every patient with such compassion and he tries to ensure that each patient is able to say everything they want and need to say. By committing to working with each patient to achieve his or her treatment goals, Dr. Drossman not only involves his patients in his or her own care but he is truly invested in working to get each patient where he or she wants to be.
5. What inspires you to go to work everyday? 
 Meghan:  Every day is different and some days are really hard but some days, I get to go to work and hear a patient say his or her pain is gone. That is really awesome.
6. Share some of the things you enjoy doing in your free time? 
 Meghan:  I enjoy hiking, walking the trails around my neighborhood and swimming. Generally, I like to do outdoor activities with friends. I also really like watching TV/Movies and sports with my husband, particularly football.
7. If you could offer some words of wisdom for GI patients, what would you tell them? 

 Meghan:  Be your own advocate and find a doctor who takes the time to really listen to your symptoms and your history.