Ms. Byers 1st Interview with Intro

This video demonstrates a challenging clinical situation where the (simulated) patient demonstrates severe abdominal pain that has multiple causes including post-infection IBS, centrally mediated abdominal pain, narcotic bowel, and opioid-induced constipation. She feels that opioids are the only solution but they actually are contributing to the problem. She has had difficult experiences with her previous physicians who do not provide patient-centered care and probably don’t understand the mechanisms for her pain and thus can’t affect treatment. How can the physician provide proper education and engage with the patient in a way that could increase her satisfaction and effect improvement? See the next video.

Ms. Byers 2nd Interview

Here the clinician at the end of the video provides to the patient a rationale for her symptoms and a way to move forward in the clinical care. In the spirit of patient-centered care, the treatment choices are hers. At the heart of this engagement is a true willingness on the part of the physician to work with her in the care.