Davis Stillson


Davis Stillson is the video director/editor for DrossmanCare/Drossman Center and is responsible for creating video programs used as DrossmanCare teaching videos and promos as well as other digital media for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the DrossmanCare website.

Davis has over 35 years of combined experience in video production and photography, particularly in the healthcare industry. He spent the first 28 years of his career at UNC-CH where he worked as a TV Producer/Director for the UNC School of Medicine. Davis produced over 160 teaching videos for the curriculum as well as working on several major projects for outside clients including the National Fibrosis Foundation, NC State Bureau of Investigation, and the NC Heart Association.

Davis also worked with Dr. Drossman at UNC, where he began to develop his appreciation for the need to have better doctor-patient communication, especially the biopsychosocial model of health care. During his time at UNC he also worked as editor and associate producer of the award winning documentaries, An Unlikely Friendship, and Ollie and the Go Gos as well as being the Vice President and Chief Engineer of Lloyd Street Studios audio recording studio for 20 years.  After retiring from UNC in 2005, Davis formed Davis Stillson Associates (DSA), a video production group that works with the National Humanities Center, Departments at UNC-CH and Duke University, Rho, and most recently DrossmanCare.  DSA has created over 55 video productions in the past eight years in the areas of health, education and the humanities.

Davis is a 1977 graduate of UNC-CH with a degree in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures and is certified in Adobe After Effects and has extensive experience with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro editing software.