Annual Digestive Disease Week held in San Diego furthers DGBI work

At the annual Digestive Disease Week (DDW) in San Diego in May, Dr. Drossman and other Editorial Board members of the Rome Foundation were hard at work, discussing and outlining their next important publication, Rome V, due out in 2026. This publication will include the latest scientific evidence and medical information on the DGBI and the Rome Criteria for diagnosing DGBI. The Rome Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of patients with DGBI, and the Rome publications are one of its major functions. This has been accomplished beginning with Rome I (1994), Rome II (2000), Rome III (2006), and Rome IV (2016). These updates evolve over a 6-10-yr. period, are peer-reviewed and rely on obtaining recent scientific evidence and using consensus (Dephi approach) to create a variety of educational documents. Dr. Drossman has been senior editor for all prior Rome initiatives and is co-senior editor for Rome V. Learn more:

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