My lifelong career has been working with patients with functional GI disorders (FGIDs).  For this reason I have been very proud to have founded and helped to develop the Rome Foundation. Our mission is “to help patients with functional GI disorders:” and we do this through developing clinical  guidelines and diagnostic criteria for the FGIDs.  We also disseminate this information by producing  a variety of educational materials and programs.  For further information on the Foundation please see our website: .

One of the key activities of the Foundation is the development of our Rome books, Rome I, II, III and now for 2016 , Rome IV.  These projects provide a compendium of information produced over a 5-year period.  The Rome educational materials that set the Rome IV diagnostic criteria and update the field of FGIDs is a multi-disciplinary and multinational process involving experts from around the world. After several years of preliminary work, all committees convened in Rome for several days to work to crystallize in a productive environment the sharing of their ideas culminating in the manuscripts for Rome IV. This meeting has just been completed and we invite you to view the committee process through this unique video. The Rome IV documents are being finalized before sending them out for peer review prior to publication in 2016.  Stay tuned!

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 Douglas A. Drossman MD
President, Rome Foundation