Dr. Arnab Ray Shares His Visiting Scholar Experience

Dr. Arnab Ray

Dr. Arnab Ray

Arnab Ray, MD, has successfully completed his time within the Rome Foundation’s Visiting Scholar Program.

Dr. Ray, a gastroenterologist in New Orleans, Louisiana, is affiliated with Ochsner Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Louisiana State University and completed his residency at Vanderbilt University. He’s been in practice for over 15 years.

A presentation delivered by Dr. Douglas Drossman at an ACG conference left a lasting impression on Dr. Ray. After learning more about Dr. Drossman’s work and that of the Rome Foundation, Dr. Ray jumped at the chance to be part of the Visiting Scholar’s Program.

“Even though I pride myself on being an empathetic physician, I still felt there were areas in the biopsychosocial sphere I was uncomfortable addressing and listening to,” says Dr. Ray. “When I realized there was a Visiting Scholar’s Program, it landed on my professional bucket list.”

Dr. Ray’s primary goals while working with Drossman Gastroenterology were to enhance his communication skills when it came to difficult conversations, as well as to gain confidence regarding the use of neuromodulators. Both goals were met with significant success.

The experience proved to be engaging and insightful. Dr. Ray also enjoyed time spent with Dr. Olafur Palsson, discussing the variations of DGBI around the world and the impact of cultural differences on how data regarding DGBI is interpreted. Additionally, Dr. Ray was able to apply many of the concepts discussed directly to patient interactions.

“I read ‘Gut Feelings’ (co-authored by Dr. Drossman and Ms. Johannah Ruddy) prior to my visit and it certainly reinforced a lot of what I already believed about the patient-physician interaction,” says Dr. Ray, “but it was truly remarkable to see patients read this book all the way through and take the lessons to heart. Sometimes just being heard and validated can go a long way to solidifying your bond with a patient.”

Dr. Drossman was thrilled with his time spent with Dr. Ray. “Dr. Ray came to our practice ‘off the starting block’ after having read ‘Gut Feelings’, with great interest and motivation to gain effective communication techniques and learn how to use neuromodulators in some of our patients with complex DGBI.” says Dr. Drossman. “He was a quick learner and I very much enjoyed our conversations on patient care. It was a pleasure to have him with us.”

The Rome Foundation Visiting Scholar Program is an ideal opportunity for researchers and clinicians to engage with GI leaders and international experts to learn about DGBI diagnosis and treatment, as well as crucial, advanced communication skills and targeted research methods. The program is critical to helping develop and inspire the next generation of providers to be skilled communicators and exceptional clinicians treating DGBI patients.

For more information regarding the Rome Foundation Visiting Scholar Program, contact Michelle Berry at mberry@theromefoundation.org.