Last month I had the honor of presenting four talks at Brazil’s national digestive health meeting. I gave these as keynote presentations to help gastroenterologists learn more about modern methods of care in patietns with functional GI disorders. I wanted to share a brief summary of the talks and provide readers with related resources. feel free to contact me if you have questions or need more information.

Here is a brief summary:

1.       Abuse, Trauma & GI Illness  This talk tracts my 25 years of doing research on the relationship of abuse to poor health and I address that historically by following one patient from age 12 into her late 20’s.  My caring for her spurred the research that I did and it’s discussed in the article, Abuse, Trauma & GI Illness.

2.       Irritable Bowel Syndrome: What We Know and What We Should KnowThis talks about the development in our understanding of IBS from a pure motility disorder to a more complex condition involving motility, visceral sensitivity , altered gut microflora and brain gut interactions.

3.       Dyspepsia and Rome III. What’s New for Rome V.  Here I discuss the Rome III criteria and understanding of functional dyspepsia and also talk about some of the new initiatives for Rome IV including the Multi-dimensional Clinical profile.

4.       Understanding and Managing Patients with Complex Functional Abdominal Pain.  This addresses the more complex patient that has severe functional GI pain and the role for centrally targeted treatments to improve pain and develop neurogenesis. Read article Beyond Tricyclics Published.



The Rome III Journal Articles: Gastroenterology April 2006

UNC Medicine Grand Rounds Presentation: Understanding and Treating Patients with Refractory Functional Abdominal Pain


Douglas A. Drossman, MD