The Rome Foundation is proud to participate in Asian Pacific Digestive Week, a virtual event running August 19-22, 2021.

Dr. Douglas Drossman will be giving this year’s Panir Chelvam Memorial Lecture, a distinct honor and award for his significant contributions to the GI medical community. 

Established in 2004, the Panir Chelvam Memorial Lecture celebrates extraordinary physicians whose impact on and dedication to the field of Gastroenterology is recognized worldwide. Dr. Drossman’s lecture, Understanding and Managing a Patient with Chronic and Severe Abdominal Pain, focuses on one of the core tenets of his work; genuine connection and communication with patients.   

Dr. Drossman will discuss the difficulties that arise when patients present overlapping conditions by highlighting a case concerning a female patient looking for rapid treatment via opioids. Through both lecture and video, Dr. Drossman will demonstrate how to manage this complicated interaction effectively and in a manner that provides satisfaction for both patient and doctor. He will also elaborate on the pathophysiology of centrally mediated abdominal pain and address the adverse effects of opioids on GI pain and constipation. 

Members of the Rome Foundation board will be active participants throughout the event, serving on panels, headlining symposiums, and delivering special remarks. 

The Rome Foundation will present the APAGE Symposium on Gut-Brain Interactions on August 20th. Dr. Jan Tack, President of the Rome Foundation Board, will speak on Gut-Brain Physiology: Neurotransmitters and the Microbiome, followed by Dr. Lin Chang on Gut-Brain Aspects of Symptom Generation and Management. Dr. Drossman will then apply the information covered to address the clinical relevance, using the Multi-Dimensional Clinical Profile (MDCP) patient case presentation.  

On August 21st, the Rome Foundation will present the Young GI Consultant Forum on Communication Skills. Moderated by Dr. Drossman with panel experts Dr. Tack, Dr. Chang, and Dr. Max Schmulson, this event focuses on the critical communication skills needed to ensure a positive patient-provider relationship. Dr. Drossman will utilize a variety of patient scenario videos to show how to handle particularly challenging clinical encounters. Examples include a patient refusing the recommended treatment of a neuromodulator and a patient requesting unnecessary testing. Each video will be discussed with the panel, with additional tips, observations, and experiences shared. 

Dr. Tack will also speak at the Pathophysiology Targets in Gut-Brain Disorders symposium on Motility and Sensitivity, as well as the Neurogastroenterology and Motility symposium on Gastric Motility Disorders. Both events will take place on August 21st. 

Dr. Schmulson will give a special lecture on August 22nd covering COVID-19 and examining  evidence that already suggests the development of new FGIDs in GI patients who are recovering from the virus. He also provides an important reminder that GI symptoms are very common amongst COVID-19 patients. When GI patients present new symptoms, physicians and gastroenterologists must consider COVID-19 as a possible culprit.  

Registration for APDW will be available on August 19th. APDW participants can learn more about the Rome Foundation and access educational materials at the Rome Foundation virtual booth. 

Register at: to participate in the meetings.