Educational Videos Keep Clinicians Up to Date on DGBI

Perhaps one of the most innovative ways that DrossmanCare (DrossmanCenter) helps clinicians hone their clinical skills is through their educational videos.  Dr. Drossman along with Davis Stillson of Stillson Associates has produced educational videos for over 40 years. These videos capture the fundamental elements of the medical interview and demonstrate methods to optimize the patient-provider relationship. 

Communication 202 Video Training Offers Excellent Examples

One recent program, “Communication 202,” provides a “deep dive” into advanced interview methods to help clinicians engage with their patients,  find hidden meanings in the patient’s clinical agenda and to achieve patient and provider satisfaction.

New Communications Program–Communication 101

Another program, “Communication 101,” is under development.  These videos uses key opinion leaders in the disorders of gut-brain interaction who offer their approach to discussing common educational information with patients:

  • How to use a low FODMAP diet
  • What the brain-gut axis is
  • How behavioral treatments work
  • What neuromodulators are,  and many more. 

These brief videos will be available later in 2020.