Situational Overview: Problems and Challenges in Our Health Care System

There is a healthcare crisis in the U.S., due to an aging boomer population with more and more chronic illnesses, longer life expectancy, and not enough top tier medical talent adequately-trained to meet the growing demand.

What’s more, a large number of patients are getting diagnoses that don’t fit the current health care model, where all studies seem negative.

Patients do not feel understood or properly cared for, and their doctors are confused with how to understand and implement quality care for their patients in the limited time they have. Thus, a partnership between well-trained clinicians who understand the art and science of medicine and their patients who take responsibility for their care no longer exists.

Add to this a draconian shift in focus from patient-centered care to bottom-line business financials, which has served, ironically, only to increase costs and decrease the effectiveness of care.

Without a change in approach, things will only get worse.