Drossman Recognition Reception San Diego 2019

Dr. Drossman was honored at the end of Digestive Disease Week for his service to The Rome Foundation and his contributions to the field of Disorders of the Gut/Brain Interaction and Provider/Patient Communication.

IBS: Ms. Byers 1st Interview with Intro

This video demonstrates a challenging clinical situation where the (simulated) patient demonstrates severe abdominal pain that has multiple causes including post-infection IBS, centrally mediated abdominal pain, narcotic bowel, and opioid-induced constipation. She feels that opioids are the only solution but they actually are contributing to the problem. She has had difficult experiences with her previous physicians who do not provide patient-centered care and probably don’t understand the mechanisms for her pain and thus can’t affect treatment. How can the physician provide proper education and engage with the patient in a way that could increase her satisfaction and effect improvement? See the next video.

IBS: Ms. Byers 2nd Interview

Here the clinician at the end of the video provides to the patient a rationale for her symptoms and a way to move forward in the clinical care. In the spirit of patient-centered care, the treatment choices are hers. At the heart of this engagement is a true willingness on the part of the physician to work with her in the care.

Optimizing the Diagnosis and Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Dr. Drossman and physician assistant Meghan Huff provide an up to date overview of diagnosis and management of irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr. Drossman Interviews Three Patients on How They Found Relief from DGBIs (FGIDs)

Dr. Drossman holds a meeting each month to teach providers how to care for people with disorders of the gut-brain interaction (DGBIs, formerly functional gastrointestinal disorders or FGIDs). This past month, we were lucky enough to have three patients, who have found relief from their disorders, discuss what made a difference for them. This video can show patients how to speak with their doctors about their disorders and how providers can communicate more effectively to achieve better results.

Dr. Drossman Discusses Drossman Center and the Life-Changing Communication Skills that Enhance the Patient-Provider Relationship

Dr. Drossman is committed to teaching communication skills to physicians as a means to enhance the patient-provider relationship. In this brief video, he discusses the educational center he has developed to accomplish this.

Overview of IBS and Other Functional GI Disorders

Dr. Drossman’s talk from the annual Symposium for Patients at the UNC Center for Functional GI & Motility Disorders. Dr Drossman participated in the annual Symposium for Patients: Expert Update on Treatments for Functional GI Disorders in July 2012. Please visit the UNC Functional GI and motility Center website to view other talks from this educational symposium.

12 Gurus

Dr. Drossman’s presentation to help understand the reasons why patients with functional GI disorders sometimes feel like they are being treated differently.  He then discusses ways in which physicians can improve their understanding of patients and how to employ methods to improve communication between doctor and patient. This was presented at the 12 Gurus Health Symposium in NYC on March 29, 2012.

Patients with Chronic Abdominal Pain – Douglas A. Drossman, MD | UCLA Digestive Diseases

Dr. Drossman gave the Mellinkoff invited lecture at UCLA in 2016. This video presents the understanding and management of patients with IBS and also chronic abdominal pain and how that relates to brain-gut interactions. An understanding about the pathophysiology and the approach to treatment is provided. Although given to medical physicians, patients and other interested individuals may benefit from the information presented.

Healthy Mind Healthy Body: Talking about your GI health

This video focuses on patient related aspects of addressing personal GI health issues with the physician.  Patient centerd care is seen primarily through Dr. Drossman’s practice which focuses on management of difficult to treat GI disorders and ways to enhance the physician-patient relationship.  Information is given about how to prepare for the visit, understanding the impairment of quality of life with severe symptoms and methods to improve self management as illustrated through real patients.  Other national experts in the video include Dr. William Chey at Univ. of Michigan and Dr. Nick Shaheen at UNC.

A Biopsychosocial Approach to IBS

A Biopsychosocial Approach to IBS

An educational video that helps physicians understand the differences between patients with mild, moderate and severe IBS, presented using case formats

Second Opinion series on PBS, produced by WXXI I Rochester, NY. Erin Slater was diagnosed with IBS at age 17, she experienced the life-altering symptoms first hand. As an expert, Dr. Drossman discusses the treatment options and Erin talks about the challenges of living with IBS.

IBS – Transforming your life through IBS Management.

This video portrays the life stories of six patients with IBS and how with the help of their doctors they learned to improve their adjustment to the disorder and their quality of life.

Cutting Edge Medical Report IBS

Experts in IBS discuss management strategies for IBS along with patient reports about their experiences with IBS.