Appointment Fee for Drossman Gastroenterology

Drossman Gastroenterology is a cash practice billed at $600 per hour in increments of 5 minutes and with a minimum charge of $150 for any visit (15 minutes). Proper forms will be provided if you choose to file for reimbursement. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept Medicare.

New Patient Appointments

If you are coming to see Dr. Drossman for the first time, a referral from your primary care physician or gastroenterologist may be needed. You or your doctor should contact the administrative team at Drossman Gastroenterology PLLC (919) 246-5611. We will work with you to set up the appointment and provide information on local resources if you are coming from out-of-state.

Visiting Physicians and Scholars

Please be aware that Dr. Drossman periodically hosts professional visitors who choose to spend time with him in clinic in order to improve their clinical skills.  Usually they will only be present to observe the clinical visit. When a health professional is present, you will be asked if you would agree to have this person take part in the visit. While we would appreciate you allowing them to enhance their learning experience with you, you are not obligated to agree to this.  Your decision will not affect the care you receive from Dr. Drossman and his team.

Appointment Request Form

To schedule an appointment or to obtain additional information about any of our medical services or doctor’s clinic, please fill out the form below or give us a call.
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