A referral is typically necessary so that we can review your medical records and ensure that a consultation with Dr. Drossman is appropriate. This also helps to ensure that any necessary procedures can be set up around your initial visit. If you decide to see Dr. Drossman without a referral, then it is necessary for you to contact your providers, in particular a gastroenterologist, primary care doctor, psychologist or surgeon, and ask them to to send their records to us. No appointment can be scheduled until these records are received.

Prior to scheduling an appointment we will need the new patient information packet located on our helpful forms page.  The information you will need is as follows:

1.  Patient Demographic Information

2. Pertinent Medical Records including recent clinic visits, labs, GI procedures, imaging reports and discharge summaries

3. Financial Policy Form

4. Letter of referral from a physician. This letter should summarize the patient’s symptom(s), history, treatments and medical tests, as well as the specific questions the referring physician wishes to be addressed in our clinic. REFERRALS WITHOUT A LETTER OR THE DETAILED CONSULTATION FORM FROM A PHYSICIAN WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

Once your completed referral is received, it will be processed usually within 7 business days. You will then be contacted by our scheduling team about the date and time of your appointment. 

No. Drossman Gastroenterology accepts cash, check or credit cards. However, you may file for reimbursement from your personal insurance carrier and if you choose to do so, proper forms will be provided to you.

Please make sure that you arrive at Drossman Gastroenterology at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time so that you can provide us the necessary paperwork to put you into our system. To save time, you can also print the New Patient Forms located on our forms page and bring them filled out to your appointment.

This can vary widely from patient to patient, and in part depends on the types of care and testing you have had prior to your first appointment with Dr. Drossman.  We will make all attempts to schedule necessary procedures in conjunction with your initial appointment with Dr. Drossman if you are traveling from out of state. However, that judgement can’t be made until you are seen in clinic.  In these cases, we can work with your local providers to have these tests done.

A typical visit will be accomplished within one day.  Due to delays with air travel and other unavoidable delays that sometimes occur while travelling, we recommend planning to arrive the day before your appointment and to leave the day after.

No, Drossman Gastroenterology does not directly admit inpatients.

Dr. Drossman’s internationally recognized clinical practice focuses on difficult-to-diagnose and manage functional gastrointestinal disorders, while applying biopsychosocial relationship-centered care.  This involves identifying the unique problems and perspectives of the patient though detailed attention to the medical interview and a plan of care that is unique to the person based on all the information.  The practice also takes a conservative approach to diagnostic studies in order to avoid unnecessary and expensive tests.

Yes, Drossman Gastroenterology provides an opportunity for patients who are interested in consulting with Dr. Drossman but who are not able or willing to make a long distance trip to Durham, NC.  This service will be provided if the patient has a physician who is willing to take responsibility for their care and to collaborate with Dr. Drossman on any recommendations he may make. The charge for this service will be at the same rate as a clinical visit and will include all time spent on phone calls and reviewing records. For more information on this service, please send an email to Gabrielle.

No, we do not have spots for same day appointments but we can add you to a wait list to be notified if there is a cancellation. If you are having an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Clinic is scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  If you are currently a patient and need emergency afterhours assistance you can call the afterhours phone line at (919) 246-5611.