Drossman Gastroenterology will be closed from September 12, 2022- November 21, 2022 while Elizabeth Smith, our PA is on maternity leave, and Dr. Drossman is taking time for personal and academic endeavors.  As a result, we will not be able to offer medical coverage from September 12 until the office reopens November 21. To accommodate this, please note the following arrangements during these ten weeks:
  1. We will continue our care until the office closes on September 12 and begin follow-up clinic visits again when the office reopens after November 21.
  2. We recommend that you visit your primary care provider, make a telehealth appointment, or go to a walk-in medical clinic with another provider for routine medical problems.
  3. Please email Sri (sri@drossmancenter.com), or fax (919) 914-0942, or phone the office (919) 246-5611 to refill our prescriptions, and we will arrange to take care of them.
  4. Please go to urgent care or the emergency room for severe or urgent medical issues.
  5. On November 1, Sri will schedule new and follow-up clinic appointments. Follow-up appointments will restart on November 22, and new patient appointments will start in late December.
  6. On request, we will arrange to send you a letter to give to your primary care provider about your medical conditions and the medications you are taking, so they can provide interim care as needed.
  7. Please contact the office if you would like us to forward any recent medical records to another medical office to accommodate your interim care.
If you have further questions about our arrangement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sri or Elizabeth.