Individuals with functional dyspepsia complain of bothersome fullness after meals, early satiety with meals, and/or pain or burning below the sternum in the upper abdomen.  Those with functional dyspepsia have no structural abnormalities seen upon endoscopic examination or x-ray.  This diagnosis has been subdivided into two groups including 1) postprandial distress syndrome in which symptoms of discomfort are meal-related and 2) epigastric pain syndrome in which pain or burning occurs at least once per week and is not necessarily related to meals.  The cause of functional dyspepsia has been difficult to define but may be associated with motility issues of the stomach or duodenum, increased sensitivity to stomach acid, chronic inflammation within the stomach or duodenum, and visceral hypersensitivity.

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Functional Dyspepsia (R4)
Functional Dyspepsia (R4)
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Functional Dyspepsia